Intermodal terminal ČD DUSS Terminál, a.s. - Logistic centrum in Lovosice

Intermodal terminal ČD-DUSS Terminál, a.s. is terminal for combined transport situated in industrial northwest Czech Republic. In this region is very strong cargo transport by road direction west Europe and the other side very dense rail network.

From this perspective serves intermodal terminal-DUSS Terminal, ČD, a.s. as a catchment area for the collection and delivery of the goods from the surroundingindustrial areas and then connected on the railway and combined transport trains of operator Bohemiakombi, a.s. efforts to transfer road transport to rail from a historical perspective given the project of RO-LA, which began its existence in Lovosice in 1994 and this year celebrated the 20-year anniversary of its inception.